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I'm a longtime lurker at GG, WoV, GF, and several other forums and had a lot of hope for this site.

I ignored the accusations that this site was a honeypot to lure advantage players to get them all to come to one place where their secrets could be collected and shared with the casinos because the admin sounded genuine and the premise seemed plausible.

But now it's become stupidly obvious that the admin here is just copying and is trying to build yet "another" gambling forum when there are already too many.

  • He changed the forum software to what GF looks to be using, which is why now this site looks almost identical to GF except for a different logo and colour scheme. But OK, maybe that's just a coincidence. It might just be a popular software.

  • Then, when the admin here changed the site to use the same software as GF, he also changed his subforums and appended the word "Forum" to all of them ('Roulette Forum', 'Blackjack Forum', etc)
    to copy the way GF has it. Hmm, OK, but 'Forum' is a common word, so maybe that's just a coincidence too.

  • But then added the SAME prefix tags to threads in each of those forums just like GF has ('roulette', 'blackjack', 'poker', etc.), and...get this...he's even using the SAME colours for those SAME prefix tags that GF is using (red for roulette, green for blackjack, purple for poker, etc.). OK, fuck this admin, there is absolutely no way this is a coincidence, he is just being a lazy and unoriginal scumbag.

  • And now, what's even worse, he's doing the SAME dirty trick GF did at the start, by stealing content from other sites using RSS (check out these phantom users 'SpinCat' and 'Cassie' in the roulette and horse forums). It pissed me off when GF sunk this low and it pisses me off now to see this supposed AP site now sinking this low and desperately stealing content from other sites with fake users to pretend there is activity. To add insult to injury, it's not even AP posts he's stealing, just bottom-of-the-barrel bullshit to fluff up this site. So much for being an AP site.

Guys, don't just take my word for it, go ahead and check and compare everything I mentioned above for yourselves. I've taken a screen shot of this site in case the admin here tries to change any of it now (and in case the admin gets itchy on the trigger finger while hovering over the "delete" button).

There is actually even more evidence, but those four above should be more than enough to convince even a prepubescent mentally-challenged child with special needs. One of those imitations, maybe even 2 could've been a "coincidence"...but all 4 together in less than a week? The work of an obvious and pathetic copy cat who is completely changing the original premise of this site. Motherfucker lied to us.

The admin here said from the start that this was supposed to be a forum for Advantage Players to come together in one place and build teams together.

It is now obvious that he's just trying to copy

What I find even more ridiculous, is that if the admin here was going to copy a site, he should've copied WoV which is a lot older and more popular. So the admin here, when deciding to copy a site, even failed at choosing which site to copy on top of failing to make even a tiny effort at hiding the fact that he was copying another site. Shows just how lazy and unoriginal (and stupid) he really is.

Ultimately, this is just another gambling forum with a bunch of non-AP bullshit, so what the fuck is the point of participating here if you're already on GG, WoV, GF, or any other of the countless gambling forums out there? There is none. In fact, there's even less reason to give this lying admin anything considering the accusations from actual and well known Advantage Players that claim this site is an obvious honeypot.

This all proves that the admin here is a lazy scumbag. I doubt a genuine Advantage Player (that he claims to be) would act this way and just copy others and steal content with fake users. He can't be trusted to deliver on what he originally promised, that much is as obvious as his imitations.

Shame on you, admin. You are a lazy and unoriginal scumbag (and you probably aren't even an advantage player).

I enjoyed reading what cyph posted, but I'm done with your site.

Here's a big "Fuck you" for giving us false hope.

AP Lurker out.


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Proxies here are encouraged for APs to protect their ID as a player. However, APlurker is not here to work with other APs. So he is using a confirmed proxy to hide for other reasons.

Gf admin, you are the one who suggested I use this software. You even complained that I wasnt. Now you complain after I changed software. The template used is the default. That's why the forums look alike. WoV uses a custom template.

You had your say, now please let members here continue


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Admin, perhaps you should know this.

I was notified about a thread on attacking me. Before this I knew nothing of that site except that it was stealing posts from my forum. The new thread stated anyone who participates on my forums (like were helping me promote a scam, and were therefore scammers themselves. Various allegations were published, but oddly my forums were the focus.

I responded to the allegations, and the thread backfired on the original poster because the facts and even other members supported me. The "admin" then stepped in claiming my "defensive material" was not allowed. In fact he censored things like videos that directly refuted false allegations, and links to detailed material further refuting false allegations. I explained it to him (of course he already knew), but he continued selectively censoring my posts in a way that discredited me. He allowed all material that discredited me, but censored material that refuted false allegations.

I privately contacted the admin to find out why. He ignored my emails (which was strange). I was polite and just wanted to know why he was censoring me while allowing blatant nonsense about me. The attacks continued focusing on encouraging people to not post at my forums.

Clearly the original poster wasn't who they claimed, and the admin was clearly biased for some reason. So I applied a simple forum hack to find out the IP address of the original poster (the person attacking me). To do this, in my own post, I embedded an image that tracked the IP address of everyone who read the thread (actually I added a few trackers).

At this stage, my posts were all being moderated before being published. So the first person to see my post was the admin, and his IP was in Spain. Next, when the original poster made his post again, I would see his IP address. His IP would be among the last ones logged before his post. That's because you typically read the thread (and are tracked by the embedded image) before posting.

The result was the admin himself was the one who started the thread attacking me and my forums. Obviously to boost his own forum.

How do I know this? There were 3 possible IPs close together at the time of the "attackers" next post. Two of them are from people I know, because I can see IP addresses of people on my own forums. The one remaining IP was from the admin.

The only question was were either of the other known members responsible for the attack, or was it admin himself? I know one of the members well and he wouldn't attack me. The other I don't know that well, but there is no motive for them to attack me and I don't know of any problem they've had with me before. Certainly it would't make sense for him to create such a structured attack against me.

Of course the admin denied it. He threatened that if I did not provide proof, that he would add the tag "compulsive liar" next to my username. Maybe he thought I was bluffing. I provided to proof including the IP log and time-stamps. Everyone could even see their own IPs on the log. Everyone could see the timing of the posts and match them to times when they made posts. The admin was caught red-handed and dismissed the evidence as "circumstantial". Actually the evidence is quite conclusive because anyone who responds on a forum will view recent posts just before posting. Does anyone reply to a thread without reading previous posts?

I explained its as good as proof gets, without me actually sitting at his pc while he posted. He twisted my words to make it look like I said it wasn't proof. The proof is "beyond reasonable doubt". He wouldn't accept that. How could he accept it considering what it meant? So he added "compulsive liar" to my forum name, with links in my signature to a distortion of the evidence.

It's no secret that a few people have attacked me over the years. Almost entirely either "competitors" or people that have been banned from my forum. It would have been much easier and simpler to blame the attack on a particular "competitor" who is known to attack me using fake names. But the truth wasn't so simple this time. The attacker was indeed a competitor - but it was the admin of a different forum.

There should be no doubt "APLurker" is the admin. He's a disgraceful character, reflected by how he runs his forums and the garbage he allows - in attempt to have a busy "sewer" forum. If he had chosen his friends more wisely, I would have been happy to post there and share knowledge.

It's no surprise that the two biggest threads on his forums are attacking other forums. Unfortunately, some people put business before ethics.
I did my own research and this is the default theme at

Its exactly the same as probably thousands of forums. Who fucking cares ? This is a damn good forum so far.

Lurker is a jealous idiot. I've seen the class of discussions at his forum


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Steve, I know what happened. Its the main thread there. You may know he started censoring me too, then lying. He is a marketer protecting an asset. In fact his nefarious behavior encouraged me to further develop this forum. We have him to thank for that, and can let the issue die quietly. I dont want to focus on negativity.


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I will respond about this once more due to fresh nonsense at the above-mentioned forum. APlurker posted a new thread at the above-mentioned site attempting to discredit the notion that the GF admininstrator is in fact APlurker. Specifically he claimed to be angry that this site address was censored in his post at GF. This is yet another manipulation. APlurker is the admin of that forum.

APlurker claimed:

I can no longer login to my account, he claims I can't use a proxy even tho his site literally encourages it
Lie. I never said he couldn't use a proxy. I do not care that he used one to hide. Why would he need to hide anyway if he had no intention of doing anything but complain? Bizarre that he's the one who contacted me and said I cant use a proxy, and now he lies saying I said that to him.

I never even had contact with him privately. His account is not even banned. There is only one user banned here and thats for spamming.


Another of his claims is I censored his post. I didn't. I just de-linked his forum's address. He intentionally linked it for search engine rankings.