Craps Im a dice setter


It works, Ive been doing it for a while now but it is not like you see in courses. Most of the time the edge is only small but still there.

Looking to share information on findings in any region. Specifically if any regions are found to be better than others


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Why craps? Why not card games? Seems like a lot of effort for little edge.


I'm not convinced that you can really get an edge "setting dice."

However, I do know that some people have gained an edge using various slides and helicopter shots. Leo Hernandez and Archie Karas come to mind.

I have found that some dice are off weight/balance, but that the overall effect wasn't significant enough to cause a strong bias. At least not significant enough to give the player a decent edge worth crossing the street in order to exploit. The edge is probably only equivalent to card counting.



I was skeptical at the start too. I wasted a lot of money on courses with techniques that didnt work.

I think it was Steve Forte, or one of those guys, that said he did an experiment with a dice dropped straight down. And the results were random. The problem with that is if it lands on a flat part, then the smallest deviation can send the dice in a random direction. Its a bad experiment to do.

Anyway there is a particular technique that really does work. The edge is small but at least I have control over it. Its not like roulette where a dealer has control.


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Most people in this industry don't believe in dice setting. I worked in surveillance and we encountered many possible dice setters. Lots of players try to manipulate the outcomes. Knowing if a player is succeeding from a technique or not is not straight forward. The initial response is countermeasures and when the shooter leaves, there's a good bet its for a reason. Do I think it can be done? Yes I do but like you said here, the edge is very small.

If the staff controlling the table have lax rules and allow dice to not hit the bumper once in a while, that's a greater possible edge but not something that can be relied on.


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Axis of roll, inertia, technique and control. I know for a fact it works. Some of my players were once dice setters.

dicesetter said:
The edge is small

Like 1.5% or so if you're good. It can make money but unless you have high stakes, not worth your time. And simple steps can stop you in your tracks while on a losing streak, edge or not. With big stakes its not pretty.

There are much better options than dice setting. There are a few other good ways to exploit craps, but then you get into the realms of "illegal". Despite my reputation of a "casino cheat", my teams never "cheat" or "break laws". Not that I give a crap about the laws that protect greedy casinos. Just that there's no need for legal trouble considering laws in different jurisdictions.
Once die hit the bumpers you don't have any hope. How can you possibly monitor or calculate such a tiny edge?

1000 trials can still yield positive expectation with old lady shoots. It doesn't mean there's an edge. Im not calling you a liar but just saying be realistic.


I dont mean to be a negative nancie but do the math with 1% edge. Its not worth it. A small edge doesnt matter for the house. They have all day and forever. They dont need to hide from the eye in the sky.

You need about 2% or more before it starts to get more worthwhile. Can anyone honestly say the made it with 1%?

Im not saying I have the answer because I dont.