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Gaffed Shoes

The most common of all the gaffed shoes is the1.prisni shoe, or second dealing shoe. With these shoes, the top card can be pushed back slightly and peeked by looking into the prism. Prisms can be built into baccarat shoes with translucent lids, and even opaque lids with modification,, that allow one to peek the top card. These prisms can also be built as part of the faceplate. In other words, there are no additional parts to the shoes basic structure, and are currendy sold as an all-transparent shoe. With some very sophisticated, innovative, optical engineering, this kind of peek is also possible without the traditional prism. An image of the top card; can be sent to various parts of the shoe and read by its reflection.



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When activated by the player working with the dealer, a card from the hidden slug was kicked out of the shoe, about halfway, from under a metal strip. During the normal dealing action, you could not discern whether the dealer'dealt the top card or the hidden card.

I have seen this shoe demonstrated on videotape, and if you didn't know that this approach and technology is possible, you wouldn't have a- clue^p

I recently cam^iacrpss a similar remote controlled gaffed Shoe that would hold twenty cards) only it was made out of black acrylic plastic and featured a more contemporary casino design. When it comes to gaffed shoes, they keep getting more and more sophisticated.