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We got tired of hunting for players that knew what they were doing, and made this forum in hopes professional players would come to us. Let everyone know what you do and what you're looking for.
Was your intention just to attract professional players? Because you should know deep down that most professionals don't come out.


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Rebirth, we are advantage players. The primary purpose of this site is for us to more easily find partners. If we feel anyone would fit in our team, we send them a private message to discuss the possibility of working together. This is what other APs can do too.

For years we scouted various gambling forums looking for additional players. This is a more "they come to us" approach although we still scout other forums.
I have no problem saying I can get an edge at craps. Most people dont believe it anyway. But I wouldn't share the techniques. I would like to find people willing to bet for me or to see if there is a better option than craps. It is working for me so far but I have open options.
I dont know if I'll post much but I already contacted a few players that posted. I did post explaining what I was looking for so people can contact me too
Suppose I know nothing about Advantage Play, but want to be on your team.

1. What would it take?
2. What is the yearly profit on average?

Question 1 has multiple parts.
- what systems do I need to know
- do I need to travel
- what bankroll do I need
- How does the game plan work? Is it an every day job?

You are looking for team members and I am looking for a new job.


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You need to be living in the right areas, experience, ability to work with others, and dedication.

It is very up and down work. A team could do €20,000 in a week then €4000 then nothing for months. It is never an everyday job.

We are not limited to one game. If we find an opportunity in any game we play.
Oh well if it is any game, then it seems like a team of really good poker players would be best. To rip off the general public (the suckers) on those open public tournaments.