Horse, Dog & Sports TDN Weekend January 2017


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Who doesn’t love a new year? A clean slate? A chance to see the world with fresh eyes. And show you the world we will in this month’s TDN Weekend, taking you to five countries on
four continents to talk to some of racing’s most interesting people and go to some of its most interesting destinations. Listen to the energy of Gerry Harvey and you’ll be on the next plane to Magic Millions; read Lucas Marquardt’s up close and personal (actually, quite personal) encounters with South Africa’s wildlife; traipse across France with Emma Berry in her quest to see every French stallion in two days during that country’s fabulous Route des Etalons; and dine with Tony Ricci in his Lexington steakhouse. Finally, `Harry Herbert’ and ‘Wild West’ aren’t two terms one normally puts together, but in this month’s The Last Word, he’ll show you why one should.

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