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Quote from: Steve on Today at 09:33:37 AM
Random means no possible change in odds. It might mean even spread of results in the long term but that DOES NOT HELP AT ALL.

Its easy to know. Just keep testing. If the system eventually tanks then you were wrong.

Turbo specifically said he is not speaking in riddles.

He is posing questions that I'm answering. Turbo, perhaps post here because I'm interested in discussing this in an open manner for everyone's benefit, and i can answer correctly. This forum is back to productive discussion.

At one stage i thought as most people here. Then i learned. Im trying to help people understand why you can only beat roulette by changing odds. Its really a simple concept but most people are stuck in wrong thought patterns.

A primary problem is thinking progression is anything but different size wagers on different spins with the same odds.​
Yes I agree on the random part. But I think it is more into the random than that.

Yes riddles maybe is a wrong word but what I mean is he tries to explain but how he explains becomes riddles for people who doesn't understand

I think a better way can be to explain it with help of 37 spin cycles and actual spin numbers with comments of how to think. I do not want a step by step explanation. More how to think and how to handle the random. I even doesn't know if it possible to do. But for the average player it should be graspable.

But for starters you two need to be here and start to discuss. Would be interesting but is it doable I do not know...
- Tuddilue

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