Horse, Dog & Sports Queensland Harness Racing- a simple fix before it's too late..


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Racing Queensland please take note and take an example from HRNSW and HRV... Open country tracks and expand the sport before there is NOTHING left.. The sport is already on the bones of its backside in the sunshine state.. And before too long it will be beyond repair.

My thoughts are..

Make Marburg a TAB venue on at least Sky 2 Sunday, simply change their Saturday's to Sunday's..

Reopen Toowoomba and Maryborough..
I have it from a very good source that the very successful Toowoomba track is still inside the gallop track (Race Thursday's)
Maryborough.. Kick off a Sunday circuit as per Marburg.. No racing on that day means no chance of income.. Allegedly the track at Maryborough was brought back to racing standard a few years ago..

So there's three TAB tracks to provide opportunities for the sport to grow into regional QLD... While it attempts to eliminate the "Stalemate" it's currently in.. (Not much cost, infrastructure in most cases is already in place)..

Interested to know everyone's thoughts?

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