Hello from the Craps Alchemist

Craps is the reason for the trip! May your casino visits be profitable!​

Almost everyone in the USA knows that Craps can be loud, often dangerous, and perhaps a bit evil. A few people know enough about it to risk a few dollars, but even fewer really understand what exactly is happening with their own bets and those exasperating dice. If you are interested in learning more about Craps than the obvious and the elementary, then you have found the right place. I have been obsessed with the game for more than four decades and I have explored the abstruse. I’ll write about topics that are not obvious.​

Because I would prefer not to restate ideas already available elsewhere, please consider the following three excellent websites on which the rules and elementary ideas about Craps are fully explored. Considered together, these websites present a thorough introduction to Craps and eliminate the need to purchase books.​

To the numerous writers of books and articles, I’ll give credit where credit is due. I usually peruse any book or article on Craps that I discover in bookstores, magazines, websites, and elsewhere. Most frequently, the information presented is redundant. I often disagree with the prescriptions and formulas and I’ll explain why here. If doing so is necessary then I will substantiate my points using mathematics, specifically that branch of mathematics labeled probability or stochastic processes.​

But mathematics and other expressions of cold reason are inadequate to the task of winning at Craps. As are all casino games, Craps is ineluctably negative in its mathematical expectation. Any applicable tools of reason should be employed of course in order to take us to that frontier at which the casino advantage is minimized. However, passing beyond that frontier requires non-rational tools. Such tools collectively can be labeled Alchemy.​


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