Baccarat Baccarat strong arm cheating


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Its time to look at some shoe peeks, gaffed shoes, coolers, mucking, and other strong arm cheating techniques. Lets start with some shoe peeks. Numerous variations have surfaced, ‘and can be found in any format where the players get to handle the shoe.
Passing the Shoe

As the shoe is passed to the cheater, he says, "No, thanks" and passes it on to the next player. During this scenario, the top card can be flashed to his crew sitting across the table.

The moment the cheater touches the shoe, the right hand works the cop card out and over the lip (sometimes called the toe). This is all done with the right thumb behind the four extended fingers. When the lip has a rounded corner, the technique is easier. The little finger lifts the index corner up, flashing it as the right hand holds the front of the shoe and conceals the premature deal (Fig. 24). As the shoe spins around and gets pushed to the next player, the top card is slid up into the shoe and back to its original position.