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Discussion in 'Baccarat Forum' started by Bolbax, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Bolbax

    Bolbax Member

    Edgewise, which is better and why? Bacarrat or blackjack?

    Anyone please give a simple answer based on the average casino.
  2. Mr Falcon

    Mr Falcon Member

    BJ depending on your B.S. skills has lowest odds possible. Baccarat has a cool 1 pct house edge with the benefit of no basic strategy to worry about. Less strain and odds are still great, what do you think?

    What is your bankroll? And where are u located? PM me if you'd prefer.
  3. dicesetter

    dicesetter Member

    What do you guys think about the card counting machines? Do you think it just about wipes out any possible edge or not?
  4. dicesetter

    dicesetter Member

    Bolbax what is your avatar? Looks like a cell.
  5. Loud American

    Loud American Member

    As far as I know, card counting is old news and wont work nowadays. You could probably get a small edge but its not the same.

    In some casinos you get to cut the cards that have been shuffled by a machine, then they deal from the lot. But in other casinos the cards are shuffled after every game so the edge you can get is next to nothing. The exception is when there are a lot of players at the table with a lot of cards out. Then you can better know what is left and advantage play might be viable. But then you really need to hunt for good tables.
  6. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Loud that's basically it. The edge you get depends on various conditions. If you scout around you can find good enough conditions, but they're just not that common.

    I know many players who plain cheat now. They've been doing it years and still not caught. Not even a mention from casino contractors. Im very surprised they still haven't been caught. These were card counters who turned to cheating after shuffle machines became widespread
  7. Mr Falcon

    Mr Falcon Member

    Have you ever hear of dealer sleights/manipulation as in screwing over your hand(s) in the attempt to counter your play? Just curious. Feel free to add your input, Cyph.
  8. cyph

    cyph Trusted Member

    No the dealers are asked just to report anything suspicious. Not to do anything. It might be different elsewhere.
  9. Rebirth

    Rebirth Member

    Blackjack will rarely ever have conditions that are met nowadays.

    From shuffle machines, to crappy penetration, no mid shoe entries.
  10. Aces High

    Aces High Member

    I'm finding this with just about all the card games. Although poker is still strong if you have the skills and right opponents. I wouldnt call myself an expert but I have done well enough to be well ahead. That's to say I wouldn't be anywhere near someone like Phil Ivey.
  11. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Most card players I know are struggling. Its not like it once was. It doesnt mean there are still opportunities but if you stick to one type of AP then you are limited to whatever opportunities you have in local casinos. Travel and scouting is expensive so few players do it without having a good network of trusted players who share information. Good information and intelligence is important. Expanding our network and inteligence is our main purpose of the forum.

    In short, sticking to one game is very limiting. Learn to recognize opportunity in any game or circumstance. With broad knowledge you can better see opportunity.

    You mentioned Phil. One of the nicest guys in the game. He is quite hurt to be branded a cheat.
  12. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Even just networking for cheaper accomodation is extremely useful. It allows players to save on scouting expenses. It needs to be in a way to protect everyones identity or it never gets off the ground. It makes more sense to do it with people you already know and trust. Trust doesnt come quick or easy.

    One of the ways we do this is a group may decide to scout a region. Nobody knows or cares who each other is if its a pool of strangers. Funds are collectively paid to an account. This is the risky part because you can get scammed although you might risk €500 which isnt much. Athe account owner rents a house for 6 months and players in the pool share it. 6 months accomodation for €500 verses €150 each night. Big difference.
  13. Rebirth

    Rebirth Member

    That's what networking is, in general.

    In regards to Phil Ivey, what he did wasn't unfair, it was simply AP, but everybody should know how the real world is. Becoming and using AP is simply branded as a "cheat" by most of society, that's because of how people's IQ and EQ play part.

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